This blog was mostly composed for those of you who made this trip happen, through both your financial and psychological support to me, and to everyone who contributed along to this experience.

Above all, I owe a million thanks to my amazing parents who always support me in every step I take and who always provide advice rather than dictate my decisions.

Also, to all my wonderful friends, family, teachers and acquaintances (you are way too many to name and you know who you are) I express my deepest of appreciation and thankfulness for your contribution – each and every one of you helped on your own terms.

Another BIG thank you to Afrishare Solutions, the Mawenzi Hospital, The Arise Community School and my new friends back in Tanzania for embracing me, allowing me to explore their society and culture and aiding my understanding of our world!

Finally, a big thank you to organisations like the ACE Charity and the KiCS Project who cultivate awareness about the unfair inequality of living standards in our world and who have helped me embark on this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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