On a sunny and really hot day we decided to join another Maasai settlement in order to learn about their way of living.

Part of the day was spent going around the dessert looking at all the different plants the Maasai use for their healing properties.

Our guide said that they discovered these properties after years of trial and error efforts to find natural medicines.

I do believe that the solutions to a lot of our problems in general are provided by nature itself in one way or another so I find this guide particularly intriguing.

Here is the list of plants the Maasai use for their medicinal benefits (I have probably got the spelling completely wrong as I just noted the way they were pronounced by our guide and could not later on find them online to double check):

Aloe Vera

Can be boiled in water and the solution is then drunk to alleviate gastric pain; aloe vera gel can be used to massage bone pain away and as sun screen; interestingly enough its bark is used in making local beer.



Its milk has antiseptic properties and thus can be used as soap for bathing.



Its juice is rubber-oily so it used as a body moisturising lotion and baby soap; also used on wounds to keep them well hydrated



Its bark is boiled and the resulting solution acts as diarrhoea relief medication when drunk.


Opopom cactus

Its milk is used as antiseptic for possible wounds on their cattle.



The roots of it can be boiled and then the solution can be rubbed over the back to alleviate pain.



It has a smelly juice which acts as an insect repellent (particularly useful for mosquiotes); can be used on people and on cattle.



The branches are boiled and the resulting solution is drunk to treat pancreatitis.



The branches are boiled and the resulting solution can be drunk to heal gastric and intestinal ulceration.



Its bark is boiled and the resulting solution can, when drunk, alleaviate headache.



Its juices can be used as a wound antisepcitc



Can be used to alleaviate the symtpoms of heartburn and food poisoning.



A kind of mint used to increase appetite.



Boiled and solution drunk to treat sexually-trasmitted-infection symtpoms.


Armatanguiu (aka the Viagra of Maasai)

Roots eaten and boilt; acts as an erection enhancer.



Can be used if your are anaemic

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