I vividly remember that evening of Nov ’15 when my close friend and coursemate, Kezia, came over to my house to catch up.

During our 5 hour long catch up session she reminded me about this e-mail the Medical School had sent out to us about the KiCS Project – a non-profit organisation based in Leeds that recruits medical students to work on healthcare placements in Tanzania over summer. Funny enough, I was already fixated on the idea of visiting an Eastern African country over the upcoming summer.

My only problem was that I did not want to do merely community based or healthcare based volunteer work, and the fact that KiCS seemed to combine both was what really made me go ahead and join.

In the beginning it seemed another one of those far-fetched goals you never get around fulfilling. As I often say, things do not happen, they get done, and I was in desperate need to spend my summer being ACTUALLY useful and not just turn into a couch potato for over 3 months. After all, I was quite unsure about whether I would ever have again an entire summer free to spend travelling AND visiting home.

I called mom and dad straight away – I am honoured to have parents who support every step I make and are only there to advise me rather than dictate the decisions I make.

The next step was to figure out a plan on how to find the money needed. Thanks to fundraising and YOU who contributed, this trip became reality! A million thanks.

And here I am just under a year later writing this blog about an absolutely must experience for everyone to have – one that has moulded me and allowed me to gain a different perspective on life.

Read on!


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